Thirsty Cambridge and Moor Beer are very excited to announce the birth of ‘Citizens of Everywhere’ — probably the biggest pan-European craft beer collaboration project ever undertaken.

Citizens of Everywhere brings together 12 great craft breweries from across the UK (including a representation from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England) with 12 great craft breweries from 12 different European countries. The 12 brewing pairs will each brew a beer celebrating an EU achievement. The beers will be officially launched at a series of events across the UK on 22 March, as well as being distributed to nearly 75,000 subscribers via Beer 52.


Thirsty Cambridge, 46 Chesterton Rd, CB4 1EN (tap + can/bottle) - from 22 Mar
Thirsty & Hungry, 62-64 King St, CB1 1LN (can/bottle) - from 22 Mar

Moor Tap, Days Rd, BS2 0QS (tap + can/bottle) - co-hosted by Moor Beer and Lost & Grounded - from 22 Mar

Moor Vaults, SE16 3RA (tap + can/bottle) - from 22 Mar
Pembury Tavern, E8 1GH (tap + can/bottle) - co-hosted by Five Points and Gipsy Hill - from 22 Mar
Douglas Fir, SE20 8DL (tap + can/bottle) - hosted by Gipsy Hill - from 22 Mar

Siren Tap, Finchampstead, RG40 4RF (tap) - hosted by Siren - from 22 Mar

North Tap, LS1 - hosted by North Brewing - from 22 Mar

Piccadilly Tap, M1 2GH - from 22 Mar

6 Degrees North, EH3 6TG - from 29 Mar

The Artichoke, NR3 4LW - from 29 Mar

80 Days Bierhaus, HU5 3QA - from 29 Mar

Free Trade Inn, NE6 1AP - from 29 Mar

Tiny Rebel, NP20 1FX - from 29 Mar

Belgium and Blues, SO14 7DW - from 4 Apr


The full list of Citizens of Everywhere brewer pairings is included below, along with the EU achievement to be celebrated:

UK: Boundary, EU: The White Hag

Achievement: Ease of travel
Beer style: Black lager

UK: The Five Points Brewing Company, EU: Bevog

Achievement: Enhanced security and crime prevention
Beer style: Amber ale

UK: Fyne Ales Farm Brewery, EU: Beerbliotek

Achievement: Protection of workers' rights
Beer style: citrus grisette

UK: Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, EU: ToOl

Achievement: Creation of the Schengen Area
Beer style: Fruit sour pale

UK: Lost and Grounded, EU: Mahrs

Achievement: Protection of the environment
Beer style: Marzen

UK: Ramsgate Brewery, EU: Põhjala

Achievement: Spread of democracy
Beer style: Baltic porter

UK: Moor, EU: Lambrate

Achievement: Cross-cultural collaboration
Beer style: Pale ale

UK: North Brewing Co., EU: Stu Mostow

Achievement: Peace in Western Europe
Beer style: Brut IPA

UK: Northern Monk, EU: Guineu

Achievement: Greater consumer rights
Beer style: Citrus IPA

UK: Siren Craft Brew, EU: Kees

Achievement: Enhanced economic trading
Beer style: Belgian-style IPA

UK: Thornbridge Brewery, EU: Brasserie de la Senne

Achievement: Scientific and technological cooperation
Beer style: European Pale Ale

UK: Tiny Rebel, EU: Mont Saleve

Achievement: Education exchange
Beer style: Mango Milkshake IPA

About Citizens of Everywhere

As the UK hurtles towards a very uncertain future, Sam Owens of Thirsty and Justin Hawke of Moor wanted to do something to remind us of all the positive achievements that have come from our membership of the EU.

“The referendum campaign of 2016 was characterised by so much negativity on both sides. I always thought it was such a shame that the positive messages of EU membership were largely drowned out. Back in the autumn, I saw an opportunity to remind everyone of the huge benefits we enjoy across Europe thanks to this unprecedented exercise in collaboration between nations.”

— Sam Owens, Thirsty Cambridge

Sam’s first step was to speak to his brewer friend, Justin Hawke of Moor Beer Co in Bristol, to gauge his reaction. Justin jumped straight on board and has gone on to play a crucial role in bringing the project to life. As one of the first recognised craft brewers in the UK and boasting long-standing relationships with great breweries across the country and the continent, Justin was ideally placed to recruit the other 23 brewers. Justin additionally brought in Beer 52 to give the project huge UK-wide distribution and exposure. With a range of other partners including Simpsons Malt, Charles Faram Hop Merchants, eCask, Crown Beverage and Multi Packaging Solutions, the whole of the craft beer supply chain has come on board with the project. All ingredients – including hops – will come from Europe.

Justin Hawke said: “As someone who chose to move to Europe and start my brewery in the UK, this topic is hugely personal. It was crucial for us to avoid a negative, antagonistic tone in what we’re doing. Sure, we believe strongly that it’s a bad idea to leave the EU, but we don’t want to be political. At the heart of everything we’re doing is a positive message celebrating all the great things that can be achieved by working together. This project uses beer as a medium for people to really internalise how we must continue building bridges as people, as businesses and as nations.”

Callum Stewart, Craft Beer Buyer at Beer52, commented: "As a beer club, our whole mission here at Beer52 is to explore the world through beer. We uncover great breweries and learn about other cultures by sharing a beer with the people we meet along the way.  Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we're going to continue to brew and drink many beers with our European friends and explore their lovely countries.  If ever there was a time to have a few beers with our continental neighbours it is now.  The 'Citizens of Everywhere Project' really chimed with what we believe in and has triumphed at showcasing the universal power of beer to bring people together!"

And why ‘Citizens of Everywhere’? Sam Owens explains: “Back in October 2016, the Prime Minister said, ‘If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.’ As someone who considers himself very much a citizen of the world, I wanted to turn that statement around in a positive way. What could be more beautiful than uniting people, businesses and countries to brew wonderful beer? This is a fantastic demonstration of the UK and EU working together, all the way from the growers to the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. That is well worth raising a glass to and considering why we need to continue working together."


Sam Owens, Thirsty Cambridge
01223 464436

Justin Hawke, Moor Beer
0117 941 4460


Thirsty Cambridge has been open in Cambridge since August 2015. Part-bar, part-bottle shop and with season-long pop-up events at locations around Cambridge, Thirsty has built up a huge following locally and an increasing profile nationally. Owens has extensive European credentials. As well as obtaining a degree in French and German, he has lived and worked in both France and Germany. He founded Le Verre Gourmand in the French Alps in 2005, selling wines and craft beers from all over the world to clients in the ski resorts of France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. While he insists he always supports England against France in the rugby, he feels as much European as British as English.

Moor Beer was born in 2007 when Justin Hawke purchased a defunct brewery based in the Somerset Levels and Moors. With its headquarters now in the centre of Bristol and a site in London, Moor Beer has become one of the world’s top-rated breweries regularly winning national and international awards. In 2017, Justin was named ‘Brewer of the Year’ by the British Guild of Beer Writers. He kicked off the unfined beer movement in the UK. Moor Beer is the first brewer to be accredited by CAMRA for cask, keg, bottle and can. Moor Beer’s inspiration mirrors the journey of its founder. Born in California and enjoying beers with intense hop flavours, Justin graduated from West Point and was stationed in Germany, introducing him to naturally hazy beers. Trips to the UK meant the discovery of secondary fermentation and highly drinkable and well-balanced beers. The result is what Moor Beer Company prides itself on – Modern Real Ales and Lagers. Drink Moor Beer!

Beer 52 is the UK’s largest craft beer subscription box business.

Simpsons Malt have been in business since 1862, malting what many consider to be some of the worlds best base and coloured malts.

Charles Faram Hop Factors & Merchants have operated since 1865 and have worked closely with the craft beer industry since its inception, supplying all ingredients a brewery needs. They are also instrumental in the reinvigoration of the hop industry through their hop development programme.

eCask are a member of the Close Brothers Group, supplying brewers with cask and keg rental, alongside traditional finance.

Crown Holdings, Inc., through its affiliated companies, is a leading supplier of beverage packaging, food packaging, aerosol packaging, metal closures, and promotional packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world.

Multi Packaging Solutions specialise in packaging solutions for the beverage, branded and healthcare markets